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Educators help to awaken curiosity in their students, empowering them to find true joy in learning and teaching them how to apply their knowledge. In today’s digital world, connectivity is critical to that empowerment, building knowledge and collaborating with others inside and outside the classroom.

Access to technology means richer educational experiences for teachers and students alike. A well-planned digital infrastructure is how it all comes to life.

Gone are the days when the internet was a luxury; the world we live in now requires digital access to keep pace with life.

Technology is not something that should be available only to some. It is a foundational aspect of modern education, and it’s easy to furnish access at schools, on campuses and via other educational facilities. That’s one reason the E-Rate program exists, and Metronet is a proud participant.

Metronet Services for Schools

Business Fiber/Managed Wi-Fi
Collaboration and communication are key aspects of the learning process. Metronet’s Business Fiber Internet and Managed Wi-Fi deployed throughout an education facility means administrators can give their teachers what they need: connection with their colleagues and students, plus access to a wide world of education resources online. And with us managing your Wi-Fi, we can also help ease your IT staff’s workload.

Business Voice/Hosted PBX (HPBX)
With Metronet Business Voice and Hosted PBX (HPBX) services, you can stay connected with your students' parents, enable voice communication from room to room throughout your facility and beyond your campus’ perimeter. We even provide the equipment.

Business TV/HDTV/Music Streaming
Invite Mozart into the classroom and so much more. Metronet Business Television, with its HDTV option and royalty-free Music Streaming, can help teachers open a world of possibilities for students.

Business Wide Area Network (WAN) Options
Facilities with multiple buildings and locations can benefit greatly from Metronet’s Business WAN Ethernet services. Access, store and transmit student data securely. Collaborate easily with colleagues on a dedicated network that’s all your own, even if you’re miles apart.

Our Business Is Empowering the Future

When you partner with Metronet for your school’s connectivity, you get responsive local service and support. If you need help, just call your personal contact, and we’ll respond with a U.S.-based representative in real time. We don’t put you on hold or transfer you from department to department. We’re on your side—we’re here to help you empower the future.

Connect your school with the world at large and your students with vast potential to enhance their personal lives. It’s time you met Metronet, your local partner in education. Click below to check availability and contact us today for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.

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