Building the <strong>gigabit cities</strong> of tomorrow.

Building the gigabit cities of tomorrow.

Metronet is the fastest growing 100% fiber company in the U.S., providing gigabit internet in more than 250 communities across 16 states. No company is minting as many new gigabit cities as Metronet.


Metronet Markets

Metronet's 100% fiber network is available in 250 communities across the United States. See our map for available markets, POP locations, as well as future expansion areas.
16 States
Nearly one million homes and businesses have access to Metronet fiber in more than 250 communities across 16 states, with more on the way.
#3 Fastest Internet Provider
Broadband Now has recognized Metronet as one of the Top 3 Fastest Internet Providers in the nation in 2020.
Nearly $1B Invested
Nearly $1B has been invested by Metronet to build and operate fiber networks, with more being invested in new communities every day.
2000+ Associates
At Metronet we’re all considered associates whose talents are essential to creating an industry-leading company. Because of our unique culture, we’ve achieved a rating of 4.5/5.0.
Customer Centric
Having a passion to serve is not something you often hear in our industry. But Metronet's customer-service ratings are six times higher than the average cable company.
18 Yrs Experience
Since 2004, Metronet has been building fiber networks that deliver world-class broadband services to homes and businesses, transforming cities into gigabit cities.
What can a fiber network do for my city?
Enjoy the boundless benefits of fiber by bringing Metronet to your city.
Boost Quality of Life
Today, people spend twice as much time with digital media compared to just ten years ago. So for city leaders, ultra-fast internet speeds for constituents has become a quality-of-life imperative.
Drive Economic Development
Studies show that cities with gigabit internet speeds drive higher economic output. Since becoming a gigabit city, Chattanooga has seen $1 billion in economic impact and thousands of new, higher paying jobs, according to one long-range study.
Jumpstart Competition
Disappointment can quickly turn to outrage when citizens face slow internet connections, ever-rising cable bills and indifferent providers. Metronet is built to compete with cable providers, with its gigabit speeds and caring customer service.
Fiber vs Cable
Why does your city need fiber when cable is currently available?
The answer is simple: Coaxial cable can’t keep up with the faster internet speeds demanded by homes and businesses. Read more about the differences between fiber and cable on our blog.

Metronet in the News

Metronet targets over 500K new passings in ‘23

Metronet, the largest privately-held fiber provider in the U.S., is in the midst of a mad dash to push its fiber into overlooked markets across the country at breakneck pace. In an interview with Fierce, the operator’s Senior Director of Business Development and Government Affairs Eddie Massengale said it is aiming to reach well over half a million new passings for the full year 2023 and could look outside its current 16-state footprint to get there.

Metronet in the News

Here’s how Metronet is winning over mayors as fiber competition intensifies

Metronet is hustling to make its mark in new fiber markets. Since May 2021, the operator has expanded its footprint from 11 to 14 states and is looking to add even more to the tally. Keith Leonhardt, Metronet VP of Communications and Chief of Staff, told Fierce the operator’s focus on building quickly and considerately is helping it win over mayors and other local officials in an increasingly competitive fiber market.
TestimonialConstruction Process

Disruption to daily life is usually one of the top concerns City Leaders have when faced with city-wide construction. In this video, hear from officials of cities of all sizes about their experience with Metronet’s construction process.

TESTIMONIALWhy Become a Gigabit City?

When it comes to attracting new talent and businesses to a community, one of the largest competitive advantages is if a community can provide high-speed internet. It also fosters competition with incumbent ISPs and improves the quality of life. Hear from these communities on how becoming a Gigabit City powered by Metronet has had a positive impact on their economic development.

TESTIMONIALFirst Impressions

Who is Metronet? Will they be able to deliver on their promises? These are a few of the questions that arise when Metronet arrives to a new community. In this video, hear from City Leaders about their initial thoughts when Metronet approached their city.


You’ve never heard of Metronet, so why should you consider listening to what they have to say? City leaders reflect on why other communities should listen to Metronet’s proposals to provide high-speed internet to their communities.

Becoming a Metronet City

Metronet is rapidly expanding and expects to move in to 20 more communities over the next year. If you are a city leader and believe that your city is ready for Metronet fiber, fill out the form below.

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