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Why Every Business Should Use a VPNVPNs are the backbone of secure business transactions and secure networks.

While some businesses may believe that implementing a VPN is unnecessary due to the size of their business, their work flow, or the perceived complexity of deploying one, there are many reasons that any company will benefit from using one.


VPNs are one of the best ways to protect your company, employees, and critical data against cyberattacks and security breaches. It’s complicated to explain why, but VPNs use advanced security protocols and encryption techniques to make hacking more difficult, if not impossible. VPNs, and the implementation of a password management tool (there are a ton of great ones available), form a great one-two punch to protect against cybercrime.


Many remote employees are wary of logging into public networks to access information they need to do their job. They’ve heard the scary stories about malware, ransomware, and other wares, and are nervous about potentially exposing themselves to harm. What results is a lack of productivity, which, along with safety and convenience, is exactly what remote working is supposed to support.


Remember, digital and data security are more than just about you and your employees. Your customers will also love to learn that your company is using a VPN. If you’re getting data and information from clients, your VPN is ultimately protecting them, as well.


VPNs are very affordable, often less than 20 bucks a month. That’s a small price to pay for digital security insurance. There are even some free VPN products to use, provided you don’t mind seeing a few ads (nothing is truly free) and relying on shared servers that will result in slower access.

Simple to use and implement

You just use the same fast, 100% fiber Metronet connection to get to the internet, log into your company’s VPN server, and enjoy a safer, more secure remote work experience.

When you decide to deploy VPN service, it’s important to explain to employees exactly why you’re implementing it. Don’t downplay it, stress its importance, and keep them accountable to help keep your company, employees, and data safe.

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