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All the Power of Fiber is Yours
You’re a small business but your offerings are big. Let us deliver what other providers can’t.
Symmetrical Speeds to 10 Gb
Identical blazing fast speeds - up and down - are optimal for retail transactions, real time collaboration tools, virtual meetings, and more.
Speedy Installation
We know downtime is money lost. Metronet's expert field technicians are trained to minimize disruption and get you connected fast.
Competitive Pricing
We want to earn your business, so we keep our pricing fair. You pay for quality service and we provide it.
Up Time Guaranteed
We offer up to 99.999% uptime and an optional enterprise-grade SLA. That’s right. We keep your internet up and running or we compensate you.
24/7 Local-Based Support
Our in-house customer service is always here for you: for initial setup, rapid troubleshooting, and support to keep you moving at the speed of light.
Scalable Service
Upgrade your connection seamlessly as your business grows. Metronet's support team fits your services to your changing needs.
Three Great Service Classes
Get the speed you need without sacrificing reliability or service.
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Business Fiber Standard

Experience excellent reliability and flexible options for your small business. Standard fiber delivers a dependability for your daily online needs.

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Business Fiber Premium

Enjoy prioritized bandwidth and a strong SLA for businesses who rely heavily on the internet for operations.

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Business Fiber Elite

Dedicated internet access that guarantees 99.999% up time for mission-critical applications.


Your Worry-Free Wi-Fi Solution

You don't have time to waste on temperamental Wi-Fi. Managed Wi-Fi lets you focus on your core business while seasoned professionals set up, manage and troubleshoot the network.
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Case Study

Evergreen Racquet

Metronet's high-speed, all-fiber network brought better internet to a sports club.

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Case Study

Fiber & Family-Owned

Weaver's equipment rental company needed more speed, great customer service, and a better price.

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Case Study

Calls That Always Go Through

Metronet brings 24/7 internet and voice service to Masters HVAC, so they can always answer customer calls for help.