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Carrier Wholesale
100% Dense Fiber Network
With Metronet Carrier Services, your customers will enjoy lightning fast speeds while you benefit from seamless scalability. Our dense fiber network has far higher fiber counts than our competitors, offering faster installation times, less space requirements, and greater flexibility.
Zero-cost ENNIs
Multiple ENNIs (Ethernet Network-to-Network Interfaces) and POP locations have enabled us to continually broaden our coverage.
Dedicated Support
Carrier customers work with dedicated account teams comprised of the industry’s most tenured and talented support personnel.
Fast Installation
Our dense fiber deployment enables us to accelerate installations and increase serviceablity across the markets we serve.
Future Proof Networks
Increased flexibility and scalability with Metronet’s dense, high fiber count network- MEF-compliant fiber network.
Flexible Buildouts
Construction and quick deployment of custom 100% all-fiber networks to support the increased demand in support of macro and small cell buildouts.
Bandwidth Options
Our bandwidth offerings range from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps for both Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and our Carrier Ethernet.


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Metronet and its affiliates have grown to serve and construct networks in more than 250 communities across Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Texas, Wisconsin, Missouri, Colorado, New Mexico, and Louisiana.

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