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Why is Everybody Moving to the Cloud?From collaboration tools to affordable storage and redundancy solutions, the Cloud has become integral to work.

Here are the reasons why so many companies have moved to, and rely on, the cloud:

The ability to lower costs, both CAPEX and OPEX

Let’s get this out of the way because it’s usually on the top of everybody’s list. When you host applications and business tools in the cloud, the expense of physically storing them on-site goes away.

The required hardware is no longer needed, including the soft costs incurred from having IT staff maintain, manage, and monitor it. Think about what can be maintained in the cloud—applications, business phones, POS systems, data storage, backups, phone systems, etc. By using the cloud, the options are seemingly limitless.

Easy Access

As long as you can get to a web browser, you can get to the cloud, whether it’s from your office, home, smart phone, or tablet. So, if you’re using cloud storage, such as Google Drive or OneDrive, you can get to your data. Save it here, view it there is pretty convenient. With a cloud-based phone system like Metronet’s Hosted PBX Solution, a phone app enables you to receive and make calls on the aforementioned devices while enjoying the same features.

Simpler Collaboration

There’s never been a more relevant time in history to access the benefits of cloud-based collaboration tools. The COVID-19 pandemic has made using collaboration tools and applications a necessity. Multiple people can join in to access and work on the same document. Commissioners Courts and School Boards throughout the country are using cloud-based solutions to ensure citizens, parents, and administrators are being informed on timely information.

Rapid, Seamless Scalability

The cloud enables rapid scalability that can quickly and easily meet the needs of business. Try to scale hardware on the fly - it will require purchasing and configuring a larger, more expensive server, which can unexpectedly put a dent in your CAPEX budget. By using the cloud, you can simply purchase more resources when you need them and scale them down when necessary. If you’ve purchased a larger, on-site server, you can’t simply return it and tell the OEM that you won’t need it again until the busy holiday season.

Immediate Support

If you’ve ever experienced your IT staff having to get back to you while they tackle another issue, you’ll like the support that moving to the cloud provides. It doesn’t rely on, or tax, your IT staff, and support is just a phone call away. The leading public cloud providers—Google Cloud, AWS, and Microsoft Azure―pride themselves on providing quick, painless service. Yeah, that’s pretty nice.

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