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Abundant Life - New Castle, INAbundant Life Chiropractic office needed to route their incoming voice communications more efficiently.
What you don’t need when you’re trying to meet the most important deadline of your professional life

Delays. They’re the bane of any business, regardless of industry. However, the word takes on a more ominous tone when the grand opening of your chiropractic and pain management clinic is days away. Thankfully, Abundant Life Services turned to Metronet for their business communications needs.

High-speed. Reliable. Great customer service. Easy installation. These are what Abundant Life Services needed from a business communications provider, which is exactly what they’ve enjoyed since using Metronet's Internet and business phone service from day one.

“Even though every service provider, whether it’s Internet, phones or cable TV, claims to provide simple, seamless installation, few actually do,” said Abundant Life founder and owner Dr. Maudeline Ogoo. “Metronet does what they say they’re going to do. They arrived when they said they would, installed and tested our 100 Mbps Internet and phone services, and quickly proved why they’re leaders in their field.”

A key Metronet differentiator

Metronet was founded almost 15 years ago to provide reliable, high-speed service with a primary focus―the customer. They knew that transporting customer traffic on a 100% high-speed fiber network was an integral component for optimally accommodating the communities they serve. While it’s true that fiber optics are constructed of highly flexible glass, what many don’t realize is that it’s highly durable and has a use life much longer than the transmission media used by most of Metronet's competitors.

To add to that, Metronet Internet services are delivered symmetrically, which means upload and download speeds are identical—a true differentiator. Most offer fast download speeds, but far slower and, of course, less publicized upload speeds. And many customers don’t discover this asymmetry until it’s too late, like when they’re sending their first large, cumbersome file.

And then there’s the customer service.

“I’ve only had to contact Metronet customer service once,” continued Dr. Ogoo. “They were super friendly and had my service back up almost immediately.”

In addition to chiropractic services, Abundant Life, located in New Castle, Indiana, conducts advanced testing and chronic pain and inflammation management for, among other conditions, cancer, heart disease, fibromyalgia and autoimmunity. They opened their doors in June of 2019, and already have a large, and very satisfied, clientele. In addition to serving Henry County, in which New Castle is located, they also serve the surrounding areas.

Worried about delays? Call Metronet

While Metronet provides the region’s fastest, most reliable Internet access, they also provide an array of business voice services, multiple wide area network solutions, and a broad lineup of television and music services. And when any or all Metronet business services are bundled together, their already affordable services become even more so.

If you’d like more information about Abundant Life Services and how they can address your specific chiropractic or pain management needs, check them out at https://www.abundantlifechirop... They’d love to hear from you.

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