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Association of Racing Commissioners International, Inc – Lexington, KYImproved connectivity with Metronet business services.
Stable and Efficient Internet & Phone Service with Metronet

The Association of Racing Commissioners International (ARCI), based in Lexington, KY, significantly enhanced their internet and voice services by switching to Metronet. Wendy Culberson, VP of Racing, ARCI and co-tenants, the National Racing Compact, required a reliable provider to manage critical operations, including online fingerprinting and member database management for tracking licenses and other information and services critical to their members. Frequent and unexplained downtimes with their previous provider disrupted operations, causing significant issues for their membership and racing activities. This unreliability often forced staff to leave the office to find functional internet elsewhere.

ARCI’s Licensing and Database Manager, who used Metronet at his residence, recommended the service. Metronet promptly installed their services, providing a much more reliable, faster, and better internet connection with no issues since the transition.

The office relies on constant internet access to perform online fingerprinting and manage the member database, tracking the status of licenses for jockeys, trainers, and owners. According to Wendy, “We rely on uninterrupted connectivity to ensure our operations run smoothly at all times.”

From the start, ARCI purchased both internet and updated phone services from Metronet. Key features like the mobile app and visual voicemail became indispensable to Wendy, who remarked on the difficulty of managing without them previously. The mobile app's functionality has significantly reduced frustrations in the office, especially for associates who travel frequently and need reliable access to call in from various locations.

By consolidating services with a single provider and benefiting from great pricing, the ARCI experienced enhanced operational efficiency and connectivity. The seamless integration of internet and voice services through Metronet has provided a stable, efficient, and frustration-free environment for their critical activities. This partnership highlights the importance of

About Association of Racing Commissioners

The Association of Racing Commissioners International (ARCI) is the recognized authority on racing integrity and public policy matters. The association exists to assist in the coordination of the collective efforts of its members who are responsible for ensuring compliance with government laws and regulations designed to protect the public, and racing industry participants. For more information about the Association of Racing Commissioners, please visit their website at

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