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Awards4U - Tallahassee, FLFast Fiber and Easy Installation for Awards4U.

Waiting for that fast fiber and great customer service!

When Metronet Fiber Internet became available in the Tallahassee area Awards4U had several reasons to be excited. They had heard great things from Metronet residential customers who raved about the service and internet speed and were patiently waiting for the service to come to their area. According to Sam Varn, President & Owner, “Our current service provider didn’t offer the most robust internet or phone options and the customer service wasn’t where it needed to be, which was the real deal breaker.” As soon as service became available Award4U moved their business internet and phone service to Metronet.

Big project, complex installation

Installation of internet and phone for Awards4U required multiple connections in a two-story building to run wire from switches to multiple locations, including floors, throughout the building.

There were a lot of 20+ stations that needed to be connected, including phones, which meant that two cables had to run to each location. With such an extensive mass of cabling Sam expected “a messy and complicated installation scenario but it was done in less than 2 days. The Metronet technicians were efficient, answered all of our questions, and were unobtrusive to the staff which was very important because we were busy at the time.”

About Awards4U

Awards4U is a leader in the recognition industry, producing awards that enhance all aspects of recognition and honor giving. If you’d like more information about Awards4U you can visit their website at

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