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Brazos Valley Rehabilitation Center, Inc. - Bryan, TXAn integrated solution for seamless business operations.
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Brazos Valley Rehabilitation Center found dissatisfaction with their previous provider, experiencing numerous days when they couldn't access their vital medical systems and records, bringing their business to a standstill, as noted by Alina Fifer, Chief Executive Officer. The discovery of Metronet construction in the area prompted Alina to connect with a business representative, leading to a harmonious outcome once their Metronet service was installed. The Brazos Valley Rehabilitation Center heavily relies on the internet for crucial tasks such as patient check-ins, payment collection, billing management, online fundraising, and daily email communication. Alina emphasized, "Every single thing depends on the internet working well, reliably, and fast."

According to Alina, the experience with their sales representative was excellent, focusing on customer needs. The sales rep assessed their requirements, provided scalable solutions, conducted a speed test, and offered internet services twice as fast and more cost-effective than the competition, even with fax and phone services included. Opting for a bundled solution simplified billing and support, creating a convenient one-stop-shop for the center. Alina added, "Our sales rep had great follow-up, checking in to ensure everything was working as expected. We really appreciated the post-sales care!"

About Brazos Valley Rehabilitation Center

The Brazos Valley Rehabilitation Center is the only freestanding nonprofit provider of comprehensive physical, occupational and speech therapy services in the entire Brazos Valley. Their mission is to improve the lives of families in their community who need medical assistance in the areas of physical, speech and occupational therapy services. For more information about Brazos Valley Rehabilitation Center please visit

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