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Century Pharmaceuticals - Fishers, INSolution for Online Sales: A pharma company was tired of connectivity issues, Metronet’s all-fiber network was the answer.
Pharmaceutical company now enjoys the beauty of fiber optics

When your revenue relies on customers’ and suppliers’ ability to order your products online, there’s an element of the purchasing process that must be reliable and always available—Internet connectivity. Any downtime, whether in minutes, hours, or days, will have a direct effect on profitability. It’s one of the many reasons why Century Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the manufacturer of Dakin’s Solutions® for wound care and treatment, turned to Metronet to provide its business communications solutions.

For several years, Century had been using one of the nation’s most well-known Service Providers for Internet connectivity and voice service. With a nationally recognized brand, using them seemed like a safe choice for Century Pharmaceuticals. But the provider’s cable-delivered service was anything but safe. Frequent downtimes meant Century’s employees couldn’t receive orders online. And because they used IP telephony, as well, it meant they couldn’t turn to their phones as a backup solution. To make matters worse, the service provider’s customer service personnel provided little—often no—help.

Century needed reliability. They needed service they could count on. They needed Metronet.

All Fiber network delivers exactly what was needed

After working with the key stakeholders at Century, Metronet recommended they use a 1 Gbps Internet connection and its VoIP Voice Solution. An initial site survey was conducted to determine how Metronet would extend its fiber network to Century’s demarcation point with the least amount of disruption. This additional step, which is conducted prior to every Metronet deployment, helps ensure installations won’t experience delays.

According to Nathan Deardorff, Century Pharmaceutical’s Manager of IT, the installation went off without a hitch. Now, thanks to Metronet's symmetrical Internet service, Century’s 1 Gig service not only accommodates their heavy download demands, but more than handles file uploads.

In addition to using Metronet's Internet service, Century is also using Metronet's VoIP business phone service. As with all its solutions, Metronet's VoIP service uses the same durable and highly reliable 100% all fiber network. It has not only proven to be a perfect voice solution for Century, they are able to use the IP telephony equipment they already owned and had been using. “From my first meeting with my account manager Ronnie Thompson, to the installation and testing of our new services, Metronet did exactly what they said they’d do,” said Nathan. “They showed up when they said they would and had our Internet and VoIP service up and running on time. “In the business world, there’s really no higher compliment you can give than ‘They did what they said they would do.’”

Doing what they say they say they’ll do—that’s Metronet

For more information about how Metronet's 100% all fiber, symmetrical Internet access can help set
your business up for high-speed success, click below to check availability in your area. While Metronet provides the region’s fastest, most reliable Internet access, we also provide an array of business voice services, multiple wide area network solutions, and a broad lineup of television and music services. And when any or all Metronet business services are bundled together, our already affordable services become even more so.

About Century Pharmaceuticals

Century Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a family owned, 50-year-old Indianapolis-based pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributor of in-house, over-the-counter Dakin’s Solution® for wound care and treatment, including other liquid healthcare products. They specialize in working with medical practitioners, patients, and pharmaceutical wholesalers. Follow them here on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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