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Country Crossing HOA - Ankeny, IAMetronet Bulk Services helped a HOA get their residents the internet they needed.
Providing Residents with Great Internet

Country Crossing Homeowners Association (HOA) partnered with Metronet Bulk Services to ensure their residents had access to the internet they required. Internet connectivity has become increasingly essential in modern life, and HOAs understand its growing importance for their residents. In today's digital age, reliable internet access can be a deciding factor for potential homebuyers, impacting the community's attractiveness and property values. This significance became even more evident during the COVID-19 pandemic when the demand for home internet surged. Surveys conducted in 2020 by Country Crossing HOA confirmed the residents' strong need for dependable internet services.

Kim Monaco, President of Country Crossing HOA, expressed satisfaction with the HOA board's proactive approach in recognizing internet as a vital utility. “They actively sought the best solution for our residents, ultimately choosing Metronet Bulk Internet”, said Kim.

Cost Saving and Better Efficiency with Bulk Internet Service

One of the key advantages of bulk internet service for HOAs is the potential for cost savings and improved efficiency. When an HOA negotiates a bulk internet service contract, they often secure more favorable rates and terms compared to individual homeowners negotiating their own service agreements. Bulk contracts typically lead to reduced per-unit costs, providing residents with savings on their monthly internet bills.

Country Crossing initially faced challenges when seeking bulk internet service options from local providers, experiencing difficulties in contacting the right representatives and encountering delays in receiving pricing information. Additionally, they found that no one was offering fiber internet in their specific area of the city. However, when they learned that Metronet was planning to expand into Ankeny, IA, they promptly reached out for pricing and service details.

As a result of their partnership with Metronet, residents of Country Crossing now enjoy faster internet speeds, flexible tenant upgrade options, and unlimited bandwidth for various online activities, including remote work, streaming, gaming, and downloads.

Kim Monaco expressed the HOA's satisfaction with the switch to Metronet, stating, "Metronet was the best option for our residents, and we're delighted with the decision we made."

About Country Crossing HOA

Country Crossing HOA manages common areas and amenities for Country Crossing Townhomes in Ankeny, IA

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