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DevsOperative, Inc – Grand Rapids, MISustaining operational excellence with reliable Internet connectivity.
Empowering Operations: DevsOperative's Success with Metronet Fiber Internet

DevsOperative, Inc., headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI, offers a range of solutions, including custom software development, full-stack development, cloud operations, and support. The success of their multifaceted operations heavily relies on a steadfast internet connection.

According to Daniel McCracken, the Chief Operating Officer, the company's reliance on the internet is fundamental to their ability to serve clients, develop software packages, access cloud services, and execute projects online. He emphasized the critical role of internet connectivity, stating, "If the internet is down, we're down."

Upon securing a new office space, DevsOperative was pleased to discover that Metronet had already installed fiber internet—a crucial necessity for their business operations. In an area where Metronet stood out as the sole provider offering fiber internet, it perfectly aligned with DevsOperative's requirements to keep their business running seamlessly.

Managing a data center with a diverse array of services and a significant workload, DevsOperative experiences a continuous influx of data. Daniel expressed his satisfaction with Metronet Fiber Internet, stating, "We run a data center with many services, and with a lot of additional load coming in. With Metronet Fiber Internet, we don't notice any lag—it just works, allowing us to stay in the flow of what we are doing."

The reliable and high-performance internet provided by Metronet has become an integral component in DevsOperative's daily operations, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional services to their clients.

About DevsOperative, Inc

DevsOperative, Inc. is a Cloud Native focused service provider, centered around Kubernetes based digital platforms and tool-chains. They offer training, staffing, CNCF project support, and on-site architectural design services. They believe that DevOps principles and Cloud Native technologies can enable businesses of any size, to achieve high levels of agility, quality, and customer satisfaction.

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