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Evergreen Racquet Club - Bloomington, ILMetronet's high-speed, all-fiber network brought better TV to a sports club.
What happens when a live stream isn’t live?

When you’re trying to watch your child’s collegiate athletic career on the Internet, you don’t have time for slow speeds, buffering, delays, and choppy coverage. That’s not how a friend or family member tuning in to view a tennis tournament wants to see all the exciting, back-and-forth action. You never know when a 50-shot rally or a backhand, topspin deep lob is imminent. But, without available bandwidth, that once-in-a-lifetime sports moment could be lost forever. For that reason, and many others, Evergreen Racquet Club, a 47-year-old, premier sports club in Bloomington, IL., turned to Metronet's 100% all-fiber digital network.

Speed is needed for one of the world’s fastest sports

Metronet's high-speed, all fiber Internet service is designed to meet the needs of all businesses, whether it’s a small retail location or a manufacturing company with thousands of employees and offices from coast to coast. Or, of course, if you’re a racquet club that hosts tournaments, including college events and United States Tennis Association (USTA)-sanctioned events.

Metronet's business Internet service is always symmetrical, meaning the upload speed is the same as the download speeds. So, if you ordered 200Mbps service, you’ll not only enjoy that download speed while watching streaming video or moving large files, but when streaming video out to a large audience like an Evergreen tournament, you will never get glitchy video or buffering issues again.

“Before switching to Metronet, we were using cable Internet access,” said Colleen Curran, Evergreen’s general manager and a former Division 1 tennis player at The University of Illinois. “They didn’t have high speed fiber, though, and we needed the upload speed. Metronet does, and we got it. And we haven’t looked back.”

In addition to providing Evergreen with high-speed, fiber-based Internet connectivity, Metronet is providing business television services. Now, across all of Evergreen’s many on-site monitors—members won’t miss any great shots on the fiber-based video network.

The one-word solution for slow speeds and high frustration: Metronet

For more information about how Metronet's 100% all-fiber, symmetrical Internet access service can set your business up for high-speed success, visit While Metronet provides the region’s fastest, most reliable Internet access, we also provide an array of business voice services, multiple wide area network (WAN) solutions, and a broad lineup of television and music services.

Evergreen Racquet Club―Tough workouts, new friends, and a lifetime of memories

Evergreen Racquet Club has over a thousand members, spanning ages from 3 to 92, and prides itself on providing an exceptional tennis facility that fosters enduring friendships centered on the core values of sportsmanship, etiquette and respect for others and the game of tennis. Evergreen was awarded the Facility of the Year by the USTA, the national governing body for the sport of tennis and the recognized leader in promoting and developing the sport’s growth on every level in the U.S. Evergreen Racquet Club hosts a wide range of tournaments, and they broadcast them on their YouTube channel ― EvergreenRacquetClubTV.

If you’d like more information about Evergreen Racquet Club, visit them at

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