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Expert RE - Batavia, ILA real-estate firm only thought they had access to high-speed internet. Then they tried fiber from Metronet.
Who do you call when the Internet slows to a crawl during the busiest time of the day?

There are few industries that fight against the over promise, under deliver tag like Internet Service Providers (ISPs) industry. It’s not an easy label to overcome, even when you’re widely regarded as one of the most dependable, competitively priced, easy-to-work-with providers of business communications services, including not only Internet access, but business phone solutions and wide area networking options.

While every industry will list Internet connectivity as a high priority, it’s critically important for any company that relies heavily on regular, high volume customer communications. That perfectly describes the real estate industry. When you’re trying to book a last-minute property showing, list a house prior to a deadline, or submit an offer ahead of the competition, slow Internet connectivity can be the difference between meeting sales goals or missing projections.

Prior to utilizing Metronet, high demands were met with low speeds

ExpertRE had been utilizing a Metronet competitor for high-speed Internet access. However, that vendor’s claims of providing “high speed Internet access” fell under that over promise, under deliver heading. The slow speeds occurred once school let out and the gaming and web surfing began. Unfortunately for ExperRE, that timeframe coincides with one of their peak usage times, when realtors are reaching out to clients and prospective ones as the workday winds down and their time is freeing up.

According to ExpertRE President Jeff Houtkooper, there was a perfect answer to their issue―Metronet. Metronet delivers dedicated bandwidth, which guarantees the speed ordered is not only delivered, but symmetrical, meaning download and upload speeds are identical. Also, all traffic traverses Metronet's 100% all fiber backbone, a highly durable transport technology with a shelf life triple those maintained by most service providers.

“No throttling up and down”

“We love Metronet for the speed,” said Houtkooper. “It doesn’t throttle up and down in the afternoon. And we just moved offices within our own building. Metronet completed a flawless conversion and migration. It’s not surprising. When they originally installed our service, it was very, very easy. In fact, it was a thousand times better than the installation I experienced when using one of your competitors.”

Few understand the value of customer communications like Houtkooper. He not only founded and has overseen ExpertRE’s tremendous growth for the past 16 years (in fact, they’ve recently expanded into South Carolina), but he also operates a software company that serves the real estate industry and manages several business properties. Both ventures rely heavily on cloud services. Now, with Metronet's reliable, high-speed Internet service, employees can access the applications and tools required to do their jobs efficiently, effectively, and profitably.

A one-word solution for an all-too-common problem―Metronet

For more information about how Metronet's 100% all-fiber, symmetrical Internet access can help set your business up for high-speed success, visit While Metronet provides the region’s fastest, most reliable Internet access, we also provide an array of business voice services, multiple wide area network solutions, and a broad lineup of television and music services. And when any, or all Metronet business services are bundled together, our already affordable services become even more so.

If you’d like more information about ExpertRE and how they can address your real estate needs, contact Jeff Houtkooper at or visit

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