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Kluber Associates - Batavia, ILWhen an award-winning firm suffered from disappointing results from another provider, Metronet brought solutions.
When Architectural Engineering meets Network Engineering

Few businesses require high bandwidth, latency-free, lightning fast Internet connectivity more than those comprising the architecture and engineering industry. When your business relies on the ability to quickly send and receive large, graphics-heavy files for impromptu design reviews, Internet downtime or latency can result in clients who may be one poor experience away from utilizing another firm. Thankfully, this 25-year-old architecture and engineering firm found an answer to its need for speed and manageability—Metronet.

Two years ago, Illinois-based Kluber Architects + Engineers, which is headquartered in Aurora and has offices in Chicago and Bloomington, needed a more cost-effective and higher speed solution for their Internet and office phone needs. While their service provider at the time provided adequate service, they provided less than adequate rates and speeds. Plus, they needed a business phone solution that

What they needed was another of the area’s business leaders that also produce what Kluber has for a quarter century—inspired outcomes that exceed the expectations of their clients. They needed Metronet.

High speeds, reliability and simple management needed

Before a wire was crimped or a phone installed, Metronet's engineering team conducted a site survey to determine, then create, a detailed roadmap for ensuring the installation would be seamless and disruption-free.

“The installation went really well,” said Joel Murphy, Kluber’s Client Services Executive. “Everything went as planned and they were there when they said they’d be there.”

Metronet installed and tested Kluber’s high-speed, latency-free 200 Mbps Internet connection. It’s a symmetrical solution, which provides something that few carriers do―the same upload and download speeds. It’s a significant, highly beneficial differentiator.

Metronet also installed its hosted PBX solution for Kluber. It’s a fully managed, easy-to-use solution that offers an array of features, and at an affordable price. Metronet's hosted PBX offering is managed off-site at its data center, so customers enjoy no maintenance or labor costs. It utilizes separate and private fiber, so it doesn’t borrow bandwidth from customers’ Internet connection. With hosted PBX, Kluber can remotely control all aspects of their phone service through Metronet's secure customer portal, named CommPortal. It allows them to access call logs, control features, view and edit directories, listen to voicemails and even forward messages to email.

Continued Joel: “One of the great selling points to using Metronet was its hosted PBX solution. It meant we didn’t have to deal with equipment, change our network, or add any equipment to it. It was painless to vastly upgrade our system.”

Customer Care delivered promptly, professionally & friendly

Kluber has had 2 reasons to contact Metronet's award-winning, 24x7 customer service team in the past two years. According to Joel, the small issues—both related to password resets—were not only promptly addressed, but working with their service professionals made it evident that they pride themselves on delivering the highest levels of customer care.

Easy, on-time installation, a reliable, management-free solution, and everything supported by customer care professionals unparalleled in the industry—that’s Metronet

For more information about how Metronet's 100% all-fiber, symmetrical Internet access can help set your business up for high-speed success, visit business.metronetinc.com. While Metronet provides the region’s fastest, most reliable Internet access, we also provide an array of business voice services, multiple wide area network solutions, and a broad lineup of television and music services. And when any or all Metronet business services are bundled together, our already affordable services become even more so.

Inspiring outcomes and exceeding expectations

Kluber Architects + Engineers knows a thing or two about quality. Having earned over 40 coveted industry awards and being an 8-time selection as one of the area’s best firms to work for, Kluber Architects + Engineers forges trusted relationships with their clients, and produces inspiring outcomes and exceeds expectations for their Government, Education, Healthcare and Corporate/Private clients. For more information about Kluber Architects + Engineers, please visit them at http://kluberinc.com/.

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