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Live Great Properties - Grand Rapids, MIEnhancing residential property management with Metronet
Reliable Fiber Optic Internet is Priority for Tenants

Live Great Properties, founded by Christine Carson, operates as a residential property management company in Grand Rapids. They specialize in managing multi-family residential apartments. Prior to switching to Metronet, Live Great Properties encountered significant challenges with their previous internet service providers. Service interruptions were frequent, impacting both operations and resident satisfaction. Communication regarding these interruptions was lacking, leaving Live Great Properties and its residents in the dark.

Motivated by the need for reliable customer service and consistent internet speeds, Live Great Properties made the decision to transition to Metronet. The superior service and fiber-optic connectivity directly to each apartment provided by Metronet addressed the company's and its residents' needs for fast, dependable internet.

The impact of Metronet's service was immediately evident. Residents were appreciative of the consistently high speeds and reliable connectivity, enabling them to work from home without disruptions. This positive experience translated into improved marketing opportunities for Live Great Properties, with the fiber-optic connectivity becoming a key selling point for potential renters.

Christine Carson, Founder of Live Great Properties, expressed her satisfaction with Metronet's service, highlighting the exceptional customer service experience and the significant improvement over previous providers. She wholeheartedly recommends Metronet to other businesses, based on her own positive experiences and the tangible benefits it has brought to her company and its residents. Christine commented, “If another business reached out to me and they were thinking about switching to Metronet I would absolutely advise them to switch!”

Switching to Metronet has not only resolved the internet-related challenges faced by Live Great Properties but has also elevated the quality of service provided to residents. The decision to switch has been validated through enhanced resident satisfaction and improved marketing opportunities. Live Great Properties stands as a testament to the superior service offered by Metronet.

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