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Masters Brothers HVAC - Bloomington, INMetronet brings 24/7 internet and voice service to an electrical and HVAC company, so they can always answer customers’ calls for help
Masters Brothers: A Family of Skilled Workers

Masters Brothers is a family-owned Electrical, Heating and Air Conditioning, and Geothermal company owned by brothers Rick, Nathan and Jeremy Masters. Based in central Illinois in the city of Bloomington, about 130 miles south of Chicago, Masters Brothers has a large and diverse customer base ranging from restaurants, retailers, big apartment complexes and senior living centers, to single-family homes.

Bloomington is in an area of the country known for its challenging weather conditions: severe cold snaps in the winter where the temperature drops to well below freezing, to intense heat waves in the summer. And when these extreme swings occur, heating and cooling systems can be pushed to the breaking point—putting lives at risk.

Masters Brothers knows that its hundreds of commercial and residential customers rely on them 24 hours a day, seven days a week to keep their HVAC systems up and running all year long. That means Masters Brothers needs a communications provider that it can rely on to keep its website and phone service up and running without service interruptions.

When It’s an Emergency, Speed is Essential

When a customer has an issue, Masters Brothers dispatches one of its 30 trained technicians spread throughout its service area. Those technicians in turn need to be able to access the company’s customer database remotely and communicate with other technicians in the field as well as with company headquarters.

“We provide emergency services to our customers,” says Jeremy Masters. “If we can’t rely on our service provider to keep our network up and running 24/7, that’s bad for our business.”

The COVID-19 pandemic put an additional strain on Masters Brothers infrastructure as company employees began working from home.

“We needed increased capacity to handle all the additional remote connections, and we just weren’t getting the bandwidth that our provider had advertised,” says Masters. “We also had to deal with periodic outages, which we just can’t have.”

Masters decided to ask a friend who owns an office technology solutions business for his advice. His immediate recommendation? Call Metronet Business.

High-Speed Fiber Provides Reliable Internet Service and Better Bandwidth

Jeremy Masters made that call and switched his company to 100% Business Fiber Internet Service from Metronet Business. Providing up to 1 Gig of high-speed symmetrical Internet with equally fast uploads and downloads, Masters Brothers now enjoys crystal-clear voice services and the fastest internet available.

“For the same price as our previous provider, we get superior reliability and much better bandwidth, so we are all connected 24/7,” says Masters. “And that keeps our customers happy and our company growing.”

Now, no matter the weather, Masters Brothers knows it will always be able to deliver the fast response time and exceptional level of service its customers expect.

Upgrade Your Business to Metronet's High-Speed Symmetrical Internet Service

For more information about how Metronet's 100% all-fiber, symmetrical Internet service can help set your business up for high-speed success, visit While Metronet provides the region’s fastest, most reliable Internet access, they also provide an array of business voice services, multiple wide area network solutions, and a broad lineup of television and music services.

If you’d like more information about Masters Brothers Heating & Cooling, Electrical, Geothermal and Generator services, visit

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