Meridian Park
Meridian Park - Greenville, NCBetter internet and better customer service.
Improved Internet Options for Tenants

Residents of Meridian Park had grown accustomed to dealing with mediocre service from their local internet service provider (ISP). In their area, there were limited provider choices, and the internet they had was functional but far from ideal.

However, the internet should not merely be "good enough." It should be dependable, high-speed, and affordable. When Metronet introduced its fiber internet service in the area, Meridian Park eagerly seized the opportunity to offer their residents a superior internet option that could support their streaming, remote work, and downloading needs.

Audrey Mehl, Leasing Consultant for Meridian Park, stated, "Our existing residents were thrilled to have Metronet Fiber Internet, and it has become a significant selling point for potential new tenants when they discover it's available in our units."

More Than Just an Internet Provider

Metronet goes beyond being a mere internet provider. In addition to delivering cutting-edge 100% fiber-optic internet, Metronet offers 24/7 customer technical support, local service experts, and hassle-free upgrade options for tenants. Audrey remarked, "Metronet's customer service has consistently exceeded my expectations throughout the entire process. There's a personal touch, and they genuinely care about the quality of my service."

About Meridian Park

Meridian Park offers spacious 1 and 2-bedroom apartments in a prime location, complete with well-maintained grounds, exceptional customer service, and top-notch amenities. To discover more about Meridian Park, please visit

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