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Resurrection Lutheran Church – Ankeny, IAReliable internet and great features make Metronet a great fit.
Resurrection Lutheran Church Enhances Connectivity with Metronet

Resurrection Lutheran Church, located in Ankeny, IA, significantly improved their internet and phone services by switching to Metronet. This mid-sized church in a Des Moines suburb needed consistent and reliable connectivity for live streaming services and supporting office employees.

With their previous provider the church faced issues with poor upload speeds, which affected the quality of their live streams. Additionally, phone issues often took months to resolve, disrupting communications. The poor customer service further exacerbated these challenges.

The church discovered Metronet during local fiber installation and decided to switch. Metronet provided excellent customer service and quickly established access throughout the old building. The transition resulted in much better internet speeds and reliable phone service.

Key features that benefited the church included emails with voicemail notifications streamlined communication and hunt and auto attendant features that reduced interruptions and made daily operations smoother. According to Pastor Beth Wartick, "Every time I get an email with a voicemail, I know I made a good choice. It comes to my email, and I have one place to look."

With Metronet, the church enjoys reliable service without downtime, ensuring consistent access to essential functions. The improved upload speeds enable high-quality live streaming, and the enhanced phone services facilitate smoother office operations. This partnership underscores the importance of dependable internet and phone services in supporting both the technological and administrative needs of the church.

About Resurrection Lutheran Church

Resurrection Lutheran Church is an exciting, spiritual, vibrant Lutheran Church in a dynamic community located in Ankeny IA and is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. To learn more please visit

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