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Simtob Management & Investment - Kalamazoo, MIDelivering the reliable connectivity their tenants need.

Exceptional Internet Service: The Ultimate Property Amenity

When it comes to choosing a place to call home, every detail matters, but none more so than the quality of internet service. Prospective residents prioritize having reliable, high-speed internet that's ready to use from day one.

Brad Simtob, the Managing Partner of Simtob Management & Investment - Waverly Flatz, Clayborne Flatz, Kendall Off Main, recognized the significance of offering top-notch internet service to his tenants. He discovered the perfect solution in Metronet Bulk Residential Services. To date, Simtob Management & Investment has installed Metronet bulk services at Waverly Flatz, Clayborne Flatz, & Kendall Off Main, totaling 428 apartments in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Internet speed reigns supreme as the most crucial amenity a property can provide, and technology ranks as the most vital factor overall. It takes precedence over amenities like gyms, clubhouses, outdoor spaces, common areas, and even the quality of nearby schools. Brad enthusiastically noted, "Outstanding internet not only draws new tenants but keeps them returning year after year!"

A Win-Win for Property Owners and Residents

"Choosing to install Metronet Bulk Services was a no-brainer," Brad stated. "They extended fiber connections directly to every unit, which not only increased the value of my property but also created an additional revenue stream while offering my tenants superior internet at an affordable rate."

Bulk services empower property owners to cater to multiple residents with a cutting-edge, 100% fiber-optic internet community, supported by round-the-clock customer assistance and local service experts. It simplifies billing with a single business invoice and provides a dedicated territory salesperson as a single point of contact.

Residents relish fast internet speeds, flexible tenant upgrade options, and unlimited bandwidth for streaming, gaming, and downloads - all readily available on move-in day!

About Simtob Management & Investment

Simtob Management & Investment provides beautiful apartments to rent in Kalamazoo & Lansing, MI with quality options to make you feel at home. They offer renovated units, on-site amenities, and 24/7 maintenance to contribute to a higher standard of living. For more information about Simtob Management & Investment please visit their website www.simtob.com.

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