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Tecnoform USA – Grand Rapids, MIA successful partnership with Metronet Business.
Great Internet and Local, Personable Customer Service Set Metronet Apart

Tecnoform USA, under the leadership of James Timyan as the Chief Operating Officer, faced challenges with traditional internet providers, which proposed costly and disruptive solutions for extending connectivity to their facility.

Metronet emerged as a game-changer, offering a cost-effective alternative to extend fiber connectivity without causing significant disruptions to Tecnoform USA's operations.

Metronet's fiber network not only ensured reliability and minimized signal loss, vital for Tecnoform USA's operations, but also provided constant communication and personalized support. This stood in stark contrast to the impersonal experiences encountered with other providers.

Metronet prioritized understanding Tecnoform USA's needs, offering customized solutions without unnecessary add-ons or upselling. Their transparent approach and readiness with new equipment nearby perfectly aligned with Tecnoform USA's requirements.

James Timyan enthusiastically recommends Metronet to businesses seeking reliable, high-speed fiber internet connections. He emphasizes Metronet's focus on customer needs, honesty, and tailored offerings as key factors that distinguish them as the preferred choice for businesses like Tecnoform USA.

According to James, "With Metronet, we have constant communication with the customer service team. Unlike other providers where we felt like just an account number dealing with call centers around the world, the Metronet team made us feel like genuine customers who receive prompt service when needed."

Metronet's partnership empowered Tecnoform USA's expansion by providing a dependable internet backbone crucial for their operations. Through personalized solutions and exceptional service, Metronet demonstrated its commitment to supporting business growth and success.

Tecnoform USA's experience stands as a testament to the reliability and value offered by Metronet's fiber internet services, making them the go-to choice for businesses seeking seamless connectivity solutions.

About Tecnoform

Tecnoform USA is the Subsidiary of the Italian company Tecnoform S.p.A., a well-known innovative furniture manufacturer in the RV, nautical and luxury sectors. Due to the increasing demand of lightweight parts and European design in the USA, Tecnoform decided to establish a new production plant in North America, located in Grand Rapids, MI where it produces innovative parts Made-in-the-USA and to also support their growing USA customer base. For more information about Tecnoform USA, please visit www.tecnoform.com/about-us/usa-production-facility

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