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Weaver's Rent All - Bloomington, ILWeaver’s equipment rental needed more speed, great customer service, and a better price.
Illinois business needed faster speeds, lower pricing—they got both!

When you own and operate a 67-year-old business started by your grandparents that has long been seen as a solutions provider, not just an equipment and event rentals company, carrying on that legacy means customer service must be of paramount importance. And at the core of customer service is communication, and gaps or breaks in it mean more than lost customers and lower revenue―it means a brand that’s been built over the course of almost three quarters of a century can be deconstructed one unhappy customer at a time.

For years, Weaver’s Rent-All had relied on Internet access from a service provider that had neither the speed nor pricing to accommodate their needs. Higher pricing aside, that speed issue had to do in large part to its last mile transport medium—coaxial cable. Weaver’s Rent–All needed a better option. They needed fiber optics. They needed lower pricing. They needed Metronet.

One hundred percent (100%). No less, no need for more

All of Metronet's customers’ traffic traverses its 100% all-fiber network. While it may sound counterintuitive, the flexible strands of glass that comprise fiber optics are highly durable, far more so than coax cable or copper wire. In fact, it’s the most durable transport technology in the industry, and has a shelf life triple that offered by most service providers. And with Metronet, customers enjoy that flexibility and the high speeds it delivers all the way to the demarcation point, which it connects to the customer’s networking equipment.

Speaking of durability, Weaver’s Rent-All, which has utilized Metronet for over a year, has never experienced an outage. They have yet to call Metronet's award-winning, 24x7 customer service team. However, if that day comes, they’ll experience what other Metronet customers have—rapid remediation delivered by professionals who pride themselves on delivering the highest levels of customer care.

A seamless installation, even for the most challenging environments

“When we ordered Metronet Internet service, the installation was a concern due to how far off the road they had to deliver our service,” said owner Charlie Petersen, who operates Weaver’s Rent-All with his brother, Anthony. They are the grandsons of founders Charlie and Mary Weaver. “A Metronet engineer conducted a site survey prior to the install date, and carefully mapped out a design for the deployment. It went off without a hitch, even though it couldn’t have been a basic, simple installation.”

For over a year, Charlie has enjoyed Metronet's 200 Mbps service, which delivers something few providers do—symmetrical upload and download speeds, which result in quicker speeds for him and his customers. It allows Weaver’s Rent-All to receive and transmit large files fast to enhance productivity. It allows them to focus on what their customers have experienced for decades—superior service.

High speeds, no downtime, seamless installation—that’s Metronet

While Metronet provides the region’s fastest, most reliable Internet access, we also provide an array of business voice services, multiple wide area network solutions, and a broad lineup of television and music services. And when any or all Metronet business services are bundled together, our already affordable services become even more so.

And make sure to contact Weaver’s Rent-All for all your equipment and party rental needs. They serve Bloomington, Normal, and central Illinois. They rent more than equipment; they rent solutions. You can find them at They’d love to hear from you.


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