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Westminster Village - Lafayette, INBuilding relationships and building trust.
Senior Living Community Enjoys More Than Great Internet & Voice Services from Metronet

When your mission and values include the words Quality, People, Compassion, Creativity, and Integrity, it stands to reason that you’ll choose the very best of everything for your residents, especially when you’re a life plan community for modern senior living.

For over 40 years, Westminster Village has been providing state-of-the-art independent, assisted living, short-term rehabilitative services, and long-term care for seniors. Located in West Lafayette, Indiana in a charming neighborhood just 2 miles from world renown Purdue University, Westminster Village needed to ensure residents were equipped with the best communications services available, including high-speed Internet access, high-definition television, and crystal clear phone service. Those needs are precisely why they selected Metronet.

Small Fish, Big Pond, Unhappy Customer

Westminster Village had been using service from a large, heavily-advertised, national service provider, but soon discovered what so many companies have throughout the country—unless you’re a huge, multinational corporation, you’re a small fish in a very, very large pond. The poor ser vice that Westminster Village experienced resulted in frustration for staff and, most importantly, the residents. And when residents are frustrated, it’s time to make a change. Their brand, public relations, and revenue depended on it.

From the first meeting with their Metronet account manager over 4 years ago, Westminster Village has steadily experienced what thousands of businesses have throughout the upper Midwest—Metronet’s industry-leading business communications services and unparalleled customer service.

Westminster Village needed an overhaul of the Internet, voice, and television service they provide to residents. Metronet, after meeting with Westminster’s communications team, knew what would make them and their residents feel like the largest fish in the pond. Metronet proposed and delivered a solution that provided each resident with 50 Mbps Internet service, crystal-clear, feature rich VoIP phone service, and high-definition television access that features a comprehensive channel lineup and is impervious to weather conditions. And, like all Metronet services, their communications solutions are carried across Metronet’s 100% all fiber network―durable, dependable, and fast.

Site Survey Ensured Fiber Installation Didn't Disrupt Staff, Residents, and Facilities

Prior to the installation, a Metronet Broadband Technician conducted a site survey to determine how, exactly, Metronet would extend its fiber network to Westminster Village’s demarcation point. The goal, as always, was to install the service on time, test it thoroughly, and do both without the least amount of disruption. For Westminster Village, least amountmeant none. We’ve used Metronet for 4 years and the service has been great,says Melissa Lillehagen, Westminster Village’s Marketing & Sales Coordinator. Great technology aside, what sticks out is the working properly and to address any questions the staff or residents may have. By sending the same engineers each time, it enables everybody to build relationships with them and, as a result, trust them. In a senior living community, that goes a long way.

About Westminster Village

Located in West Lafayette, Indiana, Westminster Village offers modern senior living filled with energy, stimulation, and exciting wellness options. They offer a wider variety of housing choices, including innovative hybridhomes. Their gorgeous Life Well Fitness & Rebab Center inspires residents to stay active and healthy. Resources for both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation are extraordinary, and their Health Center consistently receives 5-star ratings. To learn more about Westminster Village please visit https://westminstervillagein.c...

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