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State-Local Government Connectivity SolutionsServe Citizens More Effectively, Responsively and Efficiently
Smart Cities, Connected Communities.

Cost-effective connectivity means smarter cities. Serve your constituents responsively and efficiently with a comprehensive SLA backed by U.S.-based support.

Enhance the ways your agency supports the citizens of your state or local municipality. Metronet offers connectivity and communications solutions tailored to your requirements, helping your employees work more efficiently and effectively.

But it doesn’t just help employees. Smart cities are the wave of the future, digitally connecting everything from traffic lights to streetlights. Get on board now with smart tools enabled by a 100% all-fiber network throughout your municipality.

Smart communities:

  • Create positive outcomes for their residents.
  • Are armed with secure technology that keeps people connected and services flowing.
  • Empower local government employees to collaborate in person or virtually.
  • Promote communication and teamwork.

With symmetrical 100% fiber internet, everyone wins. Equal upload and download speeds means uploading files, web conferencing, screen sharing and more are always top quality.

Trust, Transparency, Transformation

When Metronet came to Troy, Ohio, the fiber optic network was limited, but city planners knew it was the wave of the future. Metronet’s large-scale installation positioned the city for the future by:

  • Digitally connecting 10 of its municipal buildings.
  • Networking 33 traffic control cabinets on smaller WAN circuits.
  • Adding two PRI lines.
  • Creating a custom price plan that kept the city on budget.

For the city of Rochester, Minnesota, Metronet provides managed Wi-Fi and 1 Gig of dedicated internet to public housing. Instead of letting it go to waste, the city used a government grant to provide fast, reliable wireless access to people who otherwise might not have it, and Metronet is proud to support it.

With Metronet you’ll find a refreshing lack of red tape. Our ability to respond quickly to your agency’s needs and customizing a cost-effective package of our services means you get the best deal possible and the most personalized service, too. In other words, we’re big enough to handle the job and small enough to do it personally.

Metronet Services to Transform State and Local Government

Business Fiber/Managed Wi-Fi

Collaboration and communication are paramount in any government agency, and Metronet’s Business Fiber Internet and Managed Wi-Fi help optimize these efforts. We work with you, designing and implementing a truly dependable fiber optic network that enhances the efficiency of your staff.

Business Voice/Hosted PBX (HPBX)

Reliable voice communications are still the gold standard in many ways. With Metronet’s Business Voice and Hosted PBX services, you choose the solutions that make the most sense for your agency and let us handle the rest.

Business Wide Area Network (WAN) Options

When multiple locations need a private network, Metronet Business WAN options enable your agency to achieve its mission while staying compliant with data privacy requirements.

Our Business Is Helping Your Agency Deliver

Metronet’s fast, reliable connectivity backed by U.S.-based technical support can make all the difference in helping your agency become more effective, responsive and efficient.

Serve your citizens better with enhanced networking solutions from Metronet. It’s time you met Metronet, where our business is helping your agency deliver effectively, responsively and efficiently. Click below to check availability and contact us today for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.

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