Peering Policy


Metronet PeeringDB Link:

Metronet is a selective peering ISP listed within PeeringDB under the ASN 30600. New potential peering connections with Metronet will need to adhere to the requirements laid out below and send an email to with the following information:

  1. Publicly routable ASN
  2. 24x7 NOC contact capable of resolving peering issues
  3. List of physical peering locations with IP addresses and total capacity
  4. Estimated traffic flow currently directed towards Metronet meeting traffic requirement below

Traffic Requirements

  • Traffic coming from new peering ASNs must meet or exceed 500 Mbps of Metronet traffic at peak in either direction.
  • We recommend meeting Metronet to peer in two (2) public peering locations to ensure diversity, but this is negotiable.
  • Diversity is required for private peering sessions. We recommend meeting in AT LEAST two peering locations, private or public.
  • Traffic coming from new peering ASNs must meet or exceed 500 Mbps of Metronet traffic at peak in either direction and must peer with a 10GE port or greater.
  • Metronet reserves the right to turn down/disfavor public peering sessions as needed to shape traffic over the newly established private peering port.

Routing Policy

As an ISP, Metronet can peer privately or publicly and send local, default, or full routes. Any public peering entity acknowledges that Metronet will send them the maximum amount of routes listed in peeringDB or less at Metronet’s discretion. Any specific peering requirements can be requested via email to

Metronet currently operates under the ASN 30600, but has the ability to send routes from the following associated ASNs:

  • Jaguar Communications (15011)
  • LightSpeed Communications (63242)

Metronet reserves the right to terminate any peering session for any reason with 30 days’ notice UNLESS the session is threatening to detrimentally affect the Metronet network, in which case will be terminated instantly. Metronet will periodically clean up and remove any session that is not established for more than 30 days unless written notice is provided to keep the session configured.