Internet FAQs
How do I check my ONT (Optical Network Terminal) for connectivity?

This will vary somewhat between ONT models, but the ONTs themselves will have an LED indicator that is likely either solid green or flashing. This indicator can have several different labels, including (but not limited to) Network, WAN, PON, Internet, or even have an icon similar to a light bulb. Additionally, some ONTs will have an LED indicator that may be labeled “Fail”. While this indicator may come on briefly during a reboot, it should not stay on consistently, and is usually indicative of either an issue with the ONT, or an issue further upstream, such as with the fiber drop.

  1. How to Check the Internet status on your ONT

    (Pictured: Nokia G-010G-A. Some locations may have other models.)

    If the POWER and PON indicators are showing proper operations, then there may be an issue with your networking equipment or the end device itself.

    If the ONT status indicators are showing problems, power cycle the ONT.

    • Unplug the ONT
    • Wait 30 seconds before plugging it back in.
    • Check whether the Internet issue has been resolved.

    If you have attempted these steps and are still experiencing problems please feel free to reach out to our Business Technical Support Team at 833-393-6857 for assistance with troubleshooting over the phone, or to schedule a service visit.

    When calling BTS, please be ready to answer the following questions

    • Is the Internet slow or down/offline?
    • Is the Internet issue impacting all devices?
    • What troubleshooting steps are already taken?