Managed Wi-Fi
Access, reset or change your router password

If you’re using our Managed Wi-Fi service and you’re having issues with your Managed Wi-Fi router, please feel free to reach out to our Business Technical Support Team at 833-393-6857.

Best Practice for Passwords

Password requirements are

  • Length: 8 to 63 characters
  • Allowed Characters: Alphanumeric, case-sensitive, printable characters
  • Not Allowed Characters: ?, ", $, [, \, ], +

Primary SSID Password

It is critical to make primary SSID password “strong”, which means

  • Make it difficult to guess and ideally using a random password generator. Do not use information clearly associated with the business.
  • Use a unique password for the primary SSID. Do not reuse passwords or model after passwords for other accounts. This practice can lead to your password ending up on a breached password list, making it one of the default “bad” passwords a hacker will try in a brute-forcing attack.

Guest SSID Password

The best Guest SSID passwords are easy to tell a customer. For example, use a clever phrase associated with the business.