Managed Wi-Fi
Test Your Internet speed

Testing your speed

For Internet connections up to 1 Gbps, we recommend testing with either the website, or the Speedtest by Ookla app on the Microsoft Store.

  • Set the server to your closest Metronet server.
  • Ensure all your networking equipment, i.e. routers, switches, cabling, are capable of up to 1 Gbps speed.

For Internet connections greater than 1Gbps, specialized equipment is required.

Understanding your speed test results

There are many factors that can influence a speed test, such as the processing capability of a router, cabling, the device itself, and even the path to the speed test server. As a general rule, your slowest connection will always be a bottleneck on the path from your testing device, to the speed test server. If the cabling is damaged or the router is freezing or exhibiting problems, it may negatively impact the results of your speed test server.

Additionally, if testing over a wireless connection, radio interference, distance, and obstruction between the router and wireless device can all negatively impact a speed test. For best practices while testing, it’s important to use a wired connection if possible, and bypass any unnecessary equipment when connecting your testing device.

Lastly, if a speed test server that is outside of Metronet is selected to test with, the path to that server may also have limited bandwidth or latency issues, causing the test to be affected even further. It’s best to always choose a server labeled as Metronet, preferably as close to your service as possible.