Preparing For Your Installation
Should I do anything to prepare for the day of installation?

Thank you for choosing Metronet Business! Now that you’ve purchased your services, here are a few tips to help you get ready for your installation.

  1. It is recommended that a phone or IT vendor be onsite during installation. Metronet will not be responsible for any costs incurred by the phone and Internet vendor.

  2. There must be power to the area where Metronet Equipment (ONT) will be installed.

  3. The area where equipment is to be installed must be safely accessible and free of clutter.

  4. If new construction or Remodeling, walls must be up to install ONT.

  5. Per the Metronet Service Agreement, Metronet is responsible for service up to the Metronet DMARC (ONT). Anything beyond the DMARC (including phone & data (Ethernet) outlets/jacks) is the customer’s internal network and the business owner’s financial responsibility to contact the IT and/or Phone vendor for installation, support and/or repairs relating to the customer’s internal network.

  6. Vendors will be responsible for locating all lines prior to the installation date provided by Metronet and will be responsible for connecting Customer’s internal phone system to Metronet’s demarcation point.

  7. If phone numbers are being ported, the phone vendor must be present on the installation date to move phone lines. The customer is responsible for scheduling the phone vendor on the installation date and shall pay all expenses associated with the phone vendor.

    Read more about keeping your phone number when you change providers.

  8. You will receive installation reminders the day before your scheduled installation, the day of your installation, when your technician is on the way, and once the technician has arrived. These notifications will be in the form of a call, email, or text, depending on your contact preferences.