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Who do I contact to get a fiber line buried?

On occasion, Metronet runs temporary lines during installation or when completing repairs. Crews will bury the line as soon as possible, typically within two weeks. The following circumstances can slow down the line bury process:

  • Weather delays, particularly when the ground is wet, or in winter months when the ground is frozen
  • Permitting issues
  • Construction timing coordination with contractors and other locating utilities
  • Observation of state and federally recognized Holidays
  • Lack of access to private property

Metronet works in conjunction with state locating utilities to identify all underground gas, electric, and water lines in your yard. These utilities will be clearly marked with landscaping paint or a series of colorful flags in order to assist crews in determining the most suitable location to bury the line. Once the fiber is buried, property owners should remove the flags at their convenience.

If you have privately installed underground electrical lines, invisible dog fences, irrigation, or sprinkler systems etc., it is very important for you to inform Metronet regarding the location of these lines. You can either self-mark them with flags or landscape-safe spray paint, or report them to Metronet at by clicking the “Ask Questions” tab.

If your fiber line has been exposed for longer than 14 days, please Contact 855 769 0936 or email