Service Outages/Interruptions
How can I check if there's an outage?

Service disruptions, while infrequent, do occur from time to time. Metronet makes every effort to resolve any such issues as quickly as possible and is committed to providing informative and timely updates to customers who are affected. If you are experiencing performance issues you can use the following options to troubleshoot.

Check your ONT

If you suspect a service outage, please reboot your ONT and Managed Router (if applicable).

Additionally, we recommend you check the cabling on the ONT/router, to confirm the equipment is plugged in properly and securely.

Access Your Status Notifications

You can also quickly access status notifications by signing in to your myMetroNet Customer Portal and checking notifications.

1. Visit to login. If it is your first visit to the portal, click on Create New Account.


Any available updates regarding service disruption in your area will be displayed here.

SIgn Up for Email and Text Notifications

You can also sign up to receive email and text notifications about any service disruptions in your area!

Here's how:

1. Sign in to your myMetroNet customer portal HERE.

2. Click on ACCOUNT CONTACT under the ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT drop-down box

3. Click the link next to your name.

4. Click the “Yes, I agree to receive text message alerts from Metronet” next to the applicable number. Feel free to add a secondary number if applicable.

Be sure to scroll down and CHECK THE NOTIFICATION PREFERENCES for each message type.

If you haven’t already done so, you can also update your contact preferences for receiving email notifications.

Contact the Business Technical Support Team

You can also reach out to our Business Technical Support team at 833-393-6857 to check on the status of your service. Our team of experts will be happy to provide any available information and assistance that result in the timely restoration of your service.