Understanding Your Bill
Understanding your bill

Sign in to myMetronet Customer Portal to view your monthly statement or current balance.

Below you will find an overview of the information that appears on your bill each month, so you'll know exactly what you're paying for and what to expect.

You can expect to receive your first invoice approximately one week following installation of your Metronet services.

Overview of your bill

Prorated Charges

Please be aware, your first bill will include prorated charges. As is standard in the telecommunications industry, we bill one month in advance, meaning your first invoice is prorated. It will be higher than a normal monthly bill as it will include the period of time from your installation date to your billing date, as well as your first full month of services plus taxes and fees. These prorated charges are also found on page 2, or the back side of your invoice.

Promotional Pricing

You can find the promotions for which you signed up in this section located on page 2, or the back side of your invoice. You will also see the details of the promotional offer and the date the promotional period expires.

Taxes, Surcharges, & Fees

Federal excise tax
This 3 percent tax applies only to local service billed separately from long distance service.

State Taxes
Taxes imposed by state, local, and municipal governments.

Franchise Fee
Fees imposed by a local government for using public property as right-of way for the deployment of fiber or other transmission infrastructure.

FCC regulatory Fee
Annual regulatory fees are mandated by Congress, pursuant to Section 9 of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended. Section 9 requires the Commission to collect regulatory fees to recover the regulatory costs associated with its enforcement, policy and rulemaking, user information, and international activities.

Billing fee

Customers who choose to receive a paper invoice via mail will incur a $2.25 per month charge. You may sign up for paperless billing and save $2.25 per month. Simply login to your Metronet customer portal and click on Manage Paperless Billing under the Bill Pay drop down menu.

For More Information

Please feel free to reach out to our Business Customer Service department at 855-769-0936 or