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Auto Dealer SolutionsA shopping experience they’ll remember: Metronet Fiber Internet plus Business Voice.
Win New Dealership Customers. Get More Referrals.

Give your dealership’s customers the buying experience they’ll recommend to others with Metronet Fiber Internet and Business Voice

Move inventory faster and create a more exciting, enjoyable space for salespeople, employees, and clients alike with state-of-the-art Metronet services.

Today’s car buyers are savvier than ever. With the internet at everyone’s fingertips, they can do lot of research before they leave home, but eventually the buying process requires a phone call, then a personal visit, an exchange of keys, and hopefully a handshake and sale. This is where important first impressions — and repeat customers — are made.

Engage, Inform, and Entertain

As with any retail space, the experience you create for your customer matters. Buying a car is a large expense for most consumers, and along with that expense comes some pointed questions:

  • Is this the right car for me? How do I know?
  • Is this the right dealership to work with? How can I be sure?

By creating a customer-friendly atmosphere, you can take at least some of the guesswork out of it for them. Metronet can help with:

  • Speedy, knowledgeable, no-pressure service, for every customer who dials your sales line.
  • Easy access to online resources so buyers feel empowered by their own research.
  • Point-of-sale devices that are easy to use can help ensure every transaction is a smooth, stress-free one.
  • TV and music can help keep family members entertained.
Metronet Services Can Help Make Car Buying A Better Experience
Business Fiber/Managed Wi-Fi

To feel empowered in the process, car buyers often have done their own research. Many dealerships generate leads from their own websites and inventory aggregators. To close the deal, salespeople may have to send and receive quotes and photos to prospective customers quickly. Make it all happen with ultra-fast Business Fiber Internet and Managed Wi-Fi services. We can take care of all your Wi-Fi equipment, so you focus on closing sales.

Business Voice/Hosted PBX (HPBX)

Be available anytime a customer has a need or question, with Business Voice and Hosted PBX (HPBX) services. Create a call center or connect several locations with easy four-digit dialing. We even provide the phones.

Business Wide Area Network (WAN) Options

When all your locations need to communicate, Metronet Business WAN is what you need. Keep tabs on available inventory, dealership expenses, customer data, send and receive financials and more, over a secure network you can count on.

Your Good Name Is Our Business

Buying a car is a big expense for most people and, for many, a deeply personal experience. Your dealership’s ability to help a customer stay cool, calm, and collected … even enjoy the buying process … is a testament to your understanding and appreciation of their experience. It’s the reason people tell their friends and why they come back again, too.

The big internet, cable, and telecom providers often have a bad rap because they tend not to understand and appreciate their own customers’ experience.

But at Metronet, we do understand. If you need help, just pick up the phone and talk with your personal contact. We’re always there with you, no matter what is happening.

Make more sales, and better customer connections, by enhancing the car shopping experience. It’s time you met Metronet, where our business is helping your automotive dealership fatten its bottom-line. Click below to check availability and contact us today for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.

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