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Stranik Automotive Inc. – Mankato, MNDriving business efficiency with Metronet Internet and phone service.
Reliable Connectivity Powers Stranik Automotive Operations

Stranik Automotive, operating under the Midas franchise in Mankato, Minnesota, relies heavily on robust internet and voice services for vehicle inspections and accessing online repair manuals. The company uses multiple tablets simultaneously, necessitating a reliable internet connection. Additionally, Stranik depends on superior phone service to handle significant call volumes without issues, with many employees in the main office using the phone system extensively. Despite the heavy usage, Metronet's services have consistently met the company's high demands.

According to Seth Johnson, VP of Stranik Inc, “From the start, communication with the Metronet representative was seamless, with quick responses and clear pricing information. A Metronet technician efficiently set up the system, placing phones and demonstrating essential functions like making calls and parking.” Key features like visual voicemail and auto attendant were pivotal in Stranik’s decision to select Metronet phone services.. Seth noted, “We rely on our auto attendant – it routes calls to voicemail after three rings, which is essential for managing after-hours calls and during holidays.”

Metronet built the infrastructure directly to Stranik Inc's building, securing a six-year contract with a locked-in price. This long-term commitment ensures price stability and continuous service without the concern of unexpected cost increases. Stranik appreciated the initial setup's efficiency and the ongoing support. The decision to lock in a stable price for six years provided financial predictability, crucial for business planning.

This partnership illustrates the importance of reliable communication infrastructure in supporting business growth and operational efficiency.

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