Auto Attendant

Create custom call experiences with an auto attendant


  • Auto Attendants offer powerful capabilities for meeting the needs of your customers, improving employee productivity, and controlling costs.
  • Auto Attendants direct incoming callers to the appropriate department or employee. This enables you to ensure that your customers’ calls are handled effectively 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Take control of your inbound calls with a host of features easily managed through your phone or our web-based CommPortal.

Two flavors of auto attendant to choose from to meet your business needs.

Easy Attendant offers a very simple automated telephone menu.
  • Every installation comes ready to go with Easy Attendant.
  • Callers to a business are directed to the automated TUI, providing key options to transfer to specific departments or individuals in the business, to transfer to a voicemail account directly, or to listen to a recorded announcement.
  • You can choose to either have a single menu that plays when Easy Attendant is turned on, or two different menus for business and non-business hours that are used according to a pre-defined schedule.
  • When Easy Attendant is turned off, you can either forward callers to another telephone number or play a message informing the caller that your business is currently closed.
Premium Attendant, aimed at small and medium business subscribers, offers an increased level of service compared to Easy Attendant.
  • In addition to all the features offered by Easy Attendant, Premium Attendant allows multiple menus with a finer scheduling control.
  • It also includes more call handling options, such as Voicemail by Name and Voicemail by Extension, as well as greater control over the actions taken for any given key press.
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