Auto Attendant Configuration

Create customer call experiences through multiple menus


  • Create custom, automated call experiences using multiple menus based on rules you set.
  • Shorten the time required for a caller to get their needs resolved or their questions answered with intelligent tools and advanced call routing capabilities.
  • Enhance your business continuity and work-from-home programs by leveraging auto attendant capabilities to direct or redirect resources that keep employees connected.
  • Customize your caller experience with flexible menu options you define and self-direct without requiring any manual operator or receptionist.
  • Automate call handling and convey a professional public image for your business.
  • Connect your callers to the right resource quickly and efficiently.
  • Play different menus for business, holiday or special event hours.

Professionally greet and route callers.

  • An auto attendant is a type of virtual receptionist that handles call routing for your company’s phone lines.
  • Create a simple, yet powerful company greeting to enhance your business image and leave a lasting impression.
  • Make it easy for callers to reach the right department or staff member — with the Extensions feature of your Auto Attendant.
  • Give callers the added convenience of connecting with the right employee even if they don’t their extension.

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