Visual Voicemail

Voicemail with transcription and recordings delivered via email


  • Metronet Business-class voicemail allows you to view voicemails on the Metronet Go app or in CommPortal and choose the ones you want to listen to.
  • Access voicemail transcriptions, manage, delete, and download voicemails from anywhere including mobile and desktop apps.

  • Use the Do Not Disturb feature to have calls automatically sent to voice mail.

  • Receive voicemails as audio files with transcription via email.

  • Return voicemails with one click from your mobile device.

  • Easily screen and prioritize messages so that you can respond to the most important calls first.
Metronet Go offers a helpful feature called visual voicemail, which allows users to manage their voicemail messages in a visual and convenient way. In the past, accessing voicemail required calling a specific number and navigating through voice prompts to listen to messages. But with visual voicemail, users can easily view a list of their voicemail messages on their phone's screen, much like checking an email inbox.
  • Convenient and efficient for mobile workers and people who work from home. 

  • Easily manage voicemails by listening to the most important voicemails first and return calls directly from the mobile device.

  • Store and file your voicemails in CommPortal and Metronet Go, or have the audio recording transferred to your email.
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