Building a Future-Proof Construction Business

From bidding to designing to constructing, premium fiber internet keeps your company operating at peak performance for the right price.


Your Reputation Depends on Your Service. We’re Here to Support You.

Most internet providers only offer premium service package to enterprise-level businesses. But Metronet understands that businesses of all sizes need and deserve the best speeds. From uploading large CAD files to staying connected on and off the job site, we understand that reliable internet speeds and bandwidth help you finish projects in excellence and on time. Metronet offers Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that guarantee your uptimes and speeds, or we compensate you. Future-proof your construction business today.

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Blazing-Fast Internet and More for Seamless Operations

WAN Ethernet

Business WAN connects all your locations securely and reliably whether across the hall or across the state.


Communications from the front of the store to the back of the warehouse and everywhere in between with voice mobility.

24/7 Local Support

Since your company reputation depends on reliable service, our in-house customer service is always here to back you.

Guaranteed Uptimes

Optional Service Level Agreements (SLAs) mean you get guaranteed uptimes or we compensate you.

Choose the Plan that’s Right for Your Business
Three Great Service Classes
Get the speed you need without sacrificing reliability or service.


Maximum speed and security. Dedicated bandwidth. Our highest SLA guarantee.

  • Symmetrical Speeds

  • 100% Fiber Connection

  • Speeds to 10 Gb

  • Dedicated Access

  • 99.999% SLA

  • Bandwidth Guarantee


Level up for streaming, cloud computing, video conferencing, & secure data backups.

  • Symmetrical Speeds

  • 100% Fiber Connection

  • Speeds to 1 Gb (2-5 Gb in Select Markets)

  • Priority Access

  • 99.99% SLA


Reliable speeds for email, large-file transfer, basic Wi-Fi, POS transactions, & more.

  • Symmetrical Speeds

  • 100% Fiber Connection

  • Speeds to 1 Gb