Business Fiber <strong>Elite</strong>

Business Fiber Elite

Dedicated Internet that leaves nothing to chance.

Always On. All The Time. No Exceptions.
Business Fiber Elite
A dedicated internet solution with symmetrical speeds up to 100 Gb
to support your business mission-critical connectivity needs.

Your Internet Is Our Highest Priority

Your enterprise operations need reliable business Internet connectivity that guarantees access to your data and critical business applications whenever you need them.
Metronet delivers Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) on a fiber connection. Our Business Fiber Elite offers a 99.999% uptime performance guarantee, with a financially backed Internet SLA, or we’ll credit your account.

Internet You Can Rely On. No Matter What.

Built on Metronet’s 100% fiber network, for the most reliable, quality connection, Business Fiber Elite ensures performance doesn’t stop making it ideal for . . .
  • Mission-critical services
  • Large cloud-based contact centers
  • Online banking systems
  • Bandwidth intensive applications
  • Large group web conferencing
  • Ultra-High-Definition Video
  • Multisite business locations
  • Connecting to a significant number of users & devices simultaneously.

Business Won't Stop. Guaranteed.

  • Business Fiber Elite delivers DEDICATED Internet access that keeps your bandwidth as the HIGHEST PRIORITY traffic.
  • Mission Critical Reliability with 99.999% guaranteed uptime.
  • Financially backed Enterprise-Grade Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the most stringent performance objectives.
  • 24/7 Professional Technical Support with network experts continuously monitoring all systems to prevent service disruptions and rapid response to restore service availability.

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