Call Parking

Get back to your customers quicker with Call Parking


  • With Call Parking, your callers get to talk to a human—without being brushed off to voicemail—every single time.
  • Call Parking is great for call-heavy industries, particularly for contact centers that handle busy incoming phone lines.
  • Helps improve customer satisfaction levels as the caller does not have to wait on hold for an available agent.
  • Call parking can help to increase the efficiency of your call center operations as it allows you to retrieve calls quickly and prevents the need for call transfers.
  • Call parking reduces the number of callbacks and voicemail messages that slow down call center productivity.

Don’t miss an important call while you are already on the phone.

Improved Call Handling
Call parking allows for efficient call distribution within an organization, reducing call transfer times and ensuring that calls reach the right person or department more quickly.

Enhanced Collaboration
Users can easily share active calls with colleagues, fostering better communication and teamwork.

Reduced Call Abandonment
With the ability to park and retrieve calls, organizations can minimize the chances of callers hanging up due to extended hold times or being transferred multiple times, improving customer satisfaction.

Call parking is versatile and is applicable in various scenarios, such as transferring calls to remote locations, departments, or specific individuals, making it adaptable to different business needs.

Cost Efficiency
By streamlining call handling processes and reducing the need for complex call transfers, call parking helps organizations operate more efficiently, potentially leading to cost savings in time and resources.
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