Calling Features

To Meet All Your Business Needs

5000 Minutes of Long Distance

  • 5000 minutes of long distance service per account to Alaska, Hawaii, the continental US, and Canada.

Anonymous Call Rejection

  • Protect your privacy by rejecting calls from people who block their Caller ID information

Call Forward Busy Line

  • Forward calls when you're already on the phone and never miss a business opportunity.

Call Forwarding No Answer

  • Increase employee mobility by forwarding calls after a certain period when your team is out in the field.

Call Forwarding Variable

  • When you need to forward calls to different numbers at different times, Call Forward Variable specifies the forwarding number each time you enable the call forwarding service.

Call Forwarding Remote Access

  • Activate or deactivate Call Forwarding from any phone no matter your location.

Call Return *69

  • Automatically call back the last party who called your device.

Call Transfer

  • Transfer a call from one extension to another.

Call Waiting/Cancel Call Waiting

  • Be alerted of incoming calls while on the phone, with the ability to put the first call on hold while your answer the second call, for the flexibility to take calls at your own discretion.

Call Waiting with Caller ID Upgrade

  • In addition to being alerted of an incoming call while on the phone, capture the ability to view the name and phone number.

Caller ID Deluxe

  • View the name and phone number of the party calling you before you answer the phone for better customer management.

Call Logs

  • Capture a historical record of inbound and outbound call history and follow-up on any missed calls.

Find Me/Follow Me

  • Keep your team mobile with the ability to tell your work phone where and when to ring different lines.


  • Effectively manage high call volumes with hunting that efficiently routes calls until someone answers.

Metronet Go

  • Metronet Go enables you to enjoy all the call features from any device anywhere in the world.

Per Call Block with Caller ID

  • Prevent your business name and number from being displayed on Caller ID for select calls you place from your line.

Repeat Dialing

  • Repeat dialing repeatedly dials a busy number until someone answers, freeing you for other activities.

Speed Calling 30

  • Save time by assigning two-digit codes to frequently used numbers.

Three-Way Calling

  • Conference a third person into a regular two-way phone call for easier collaboration.

Voicemail with Transcription

  • Easily search for and filter messages with readable text you can search and filter right in your inbox.
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