Host customer calls, team meetings, training sessions and more!


  • Metronet’s Hosted Conferencing service works as part of your Unified Communications or Business Voice service – allowing you to host customer calls, team meetings, project kickoff calls, training sessions, and more.
  • Low-cost, complete solution capable of hosting hundreds of attendees with no reservations required and no time limits imposed.
  • Your company gets a single, dedicated audio conference bridge local or toll-free dial-in phone number for easy universal access.

Meetings on-the-fly with Audio Conferencing.

  • Moderator Web Interface for even greater functionality and control of features including setting up a conference from anywhere and taking roll call of participants and locking your conference room when everyone is present.
  • Record your conference and easily archive or distribute the audio file via email.
  • Mute all participants or selectively as the topic requires.
  • Never again feel tethered to your office. You and your team can be in different locations and still access Metronet conference calls from a desk phone, computer, or mobile device from wherever you are.
  • The audio-conferencing line is always ready and available. There’s no need to make a call reservation or schedule a call—ideal for bringing people together for ad hoc discussions.
  • No need to remember your host access code while using your mobile phone. One tap on your mobile app instantly starts a conference.
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