Emergency Services

Keeping your employees and customers safe.


  • Metronet helps you maintain compliance with federal emergency dialing requirements.

  • Metronet helps you deliver reliable service and safety to your users when the need for emergency services arises.

  • Metronet Emergency Services provides an easy-to-use interface to provision users and ensure notification information is current.

Metronet is fully compliant with all E911 regulations, including Kari's Law and Ray Baum's Act.

  • Each phone number is tied to a service address. In the event of an emergency, if 911 is dialed, our VoIP system will present first responders with your "dispatchable location" data.
  • Easily manage and update account contacts, individual phone numbers, and location information through our E911 Management Portal.
  • Add additional location information, such as a room number, suite number, floor number, etc., to help emergency responders reach you quickly.

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