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Internet And Phone Plans for Contractors, Architects, DevelopersMaintain your stellar reputation, in-office or on the job site with Business Fiber Internet for construction from Metronet.
Build a brighter future for everyone, with tools that are up to the task.

Keep putting your signature on the best projects in town with ultra-fast, symmetrical speed Business Fiber Internet, rock-solid Business Voice plans that keep you reliably connected, and more.

Metronet proudly serves:

  • Construction companies
  • Project managers
  • Real estate developers
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Equipment and materials suppliers

In all areas of the construction industry, the ability to remain mobile while solidly connected is a hallmark of a well-run operation. Reputation is everything, whether you’re building skyscrapers or neighborhoods. The ability for clients to connect with you, and for team members to connect with each other, is key.

When you partner with Metronet, all your projects will run smoother:

  • Communicate more effectively with clients, vendors, and employees, via email or phone.
  • Research permitting requirements, do cost comparisons, get some online training, replace broken equipment, and more.
  • Access project management software, project planners and estimators, design programs, payroll/HR platforms, inventory tracking, and anything else you need, anywhere you are.
  • Develop and submit bids without going back to the office.

Transform the way you do business, the same way you’re transforming skylines: by riding the wave of the future with digital tools and services that support and elevate everyone’s experience. Transfer large files, save major updates to CAD drawings, view blueprints, and more. Whether you’re building a home, a commercial establishment, a shopping mall, or a public venue, make Metronet a part of your team and watch the whole project come together like clockwork.

Metronet Services To Simplify The Logistics
Business Fiber/Managed Wi-Fi/Construction Internet

Symmetrical-speed 100% fiber internet means you can obtain the information you need on the fly, no matter where you are, with reliable internet that goes where you do. Our internet plans for construction enterprises mean no more wasting time every day uploading major changes to drawings. Real-time rendering of security camera footage, even to mobile devices. Review drawing specs on the jobsite, and take client meetings in your truck. You’ll always be in touch, we guarantee it.

Construction Phone Plans/Business Voice/Hosted PBX (HPBX)

Shopping for voice plans for construction? Metronet Business Voice and Hosted PBX (HPBX) services keep you connected in the ways you want to be with special call routing and other features. Even better, we manage the whole thing and even provide the phone equipment so you can stay focused on the big picture.

WAN for Construction/Metronet Business WAN

Connect your front office and administrative staff with your job site and crew thanks to a reliable wide area network for construction that you can count on. Ensure everyone stays on task and in the know with effective communications made possible by Metronet’s robust WAN network capabilities.

Build Bigger, Better, and Faster with Local Support From Metronet

Connect your front office and administrative staff with your job site and crew thanks to a reliable wide area network for construction that you can count on. Ensure everyone stays on When you’re building the future one piece at a time, you need a solid crew that you can count on to get the job done. The right support and the right tools are crucial. Metronet offers the best, most solid fiber internet for construction, phone services that keep everyone connected, plus Service Level Agreements that guarantee both speed and uptime. Your business, and reputation, are built on quality work and timely delivery of projects. And Metronet was built to optimize the profitability and performance of everything you do. Partner with Metronet, and build a bigger, better, brighter future for everyone. Contact us today for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.

See What Our Customers Have to Say!
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Metronet brings 24/7 internet and voice service to an electrical and HVAC company.

For the same price as our previous provider, we get superior reliability and much better bandwidth, so we are all connected 24/7.

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Weaver’s equipment rental needed more speed, great customer service, and a better price.

Installation went off without a hitch, even though it wasn't a simple installation.

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Kluber Associates found the solutions they needed with Metronet.

One of the great selling points to using Metronet was its hosted PBX solution. It meant we didn’t have to deal with equipment, change our network, or add any equipment to it. It was painless to vastly upgrade our system.

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