Technology For Today's HealthcareLearn how today's healthcare providers manage the continuum of care using Business Fiber Internet, Business Voice and other solutions.
Improve Patient Care, Clinician Productivity and Cost-Containment

Metronet supports today's healthcare providers in managing and streamlining the continuum of care.

Hospitals, urgent care centers, assisted living and other community healthcare facilities face daunting challenges:

  • Delivering high-quality patient care consistently and efficiently.
  • Making the best use of the time and skills of doctors, nurses and other clinical professionals.
  • Doing it all within severe cost constraints and changing reimbursement models.

At Metronet, we understand the critical role that fast, reliable connectivity and communications play in meeting these challenges. We also know that supporting the collaborative, cross-disciplinary patient care that’s becoming the norm necessitates a large and reliable network to support it.

Better Connectivity, Better Patient Outcomes and Clinical Efficiencies

Metronet’s 100% symmetrical fiber internet offers equally fast upload and download speeds. This ensures always-ready access to medical images and electronic medical record (EMR) data, with minimal latencies, even if you’re offsite or on a video conference call with multiple people.

Ensure Exceptional Patient Experiences

The connectivity infrastructure in your facility isn’t just for your staff; it’s for patients, too. Now more than ever, patients are getting more involved with their care, and ensuring they have ready access to their data and files is an easy way to empower them. Our Managed Wi-Fi Services can untether your clinical team and provide patients with the information they need directly.

Metronet Services Make Patient Care and Clinical Efficiency Easier

Business Fiber/Managed Wi-Fi

Anything is possible with the robust connectivity from Metronet’s Business Fiber Internet and Managed Wi-Fi services.

Improve the visitor experience with interactive digital signage throughout the facility or a mobile app to help them navigate large medical campuses. Send and receive large amounts of patient data quickly and reliably with high speed symmetrical connectivity.

Business Voice/Hosted PBX (HPBX)

Give patients greater control over their healthcare and your staff the opportunity to designate a call flow that works for them with Metronet Business Voice and Hosted PBX services. Utilize a few phone lines, set up a call center for a higher volume of calls or connect multiple facilities with a private phone network and four-digit dialing.

Business Wide Area Network (WAN) Options

Maximize cyber security and protect critical patient data with Metronet Business WAN Ethernet. Connect all departments and locations on a secure network that allows for open communication within and throughout your organization, even if you’re located in different states.

Our Business Is Keeping Your Healthcare Operations Healthy

The big internet, cable and telecom providers can be tough to deal with in a healthcare setting because patient care leaves no room for error. There’s no time for a system outage when lives are on the line.

At Metronet we know how important it all is. That’s why when you need assistance, you won’t sit on hold or be handed off from department to department. You’re doing incredibly important work, and we’re proud to support that by keeping you connected.

Don’t settle for poor-quality care. You’d never do that to your patients. It’s time you met Metronet, where keeping your operations healthy is our business. Contact us today for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.

See What Our Customers Have to Say!
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King’s Daughter’s Health relies on Metronet speeds to help support their mission.

We couldn’t have asked for a better company to work with than Metronet. They are a valued partner and critical to our success. Metronet has been rock solid

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Abundant Life Chiropractic office needed to route their incoming voice communications more efficiently.

Metronet does what they say they’re going to do. They arrived when they said they would, installed and tested our 100 Mbps Internet and phone services, and quickly proved why they’re leaders in their field.

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Solution for Online Sales: A pharma company was tired of connectivity issues, Metronet’s all-fiber network was the answer.

Thanks to Metronet's symmetrical Internet service, Century’s 1 Gig service not only accommodates their heavy download demands, but more than handles file uploads.

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Reliable internet is essential for crucial communication.

Our installation technician was a true professional, incredibly knowledgeable, and resourceful.

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An integrated solution for seamless business operations.

Versatile business solutions and streamlined bundled options

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