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What is Unified Communications?

It’s a relatively simple term, but what does it mean exactly? It's a service that contains many services.

Florist Case Study

Case Studies

Floral Arts

Metronet delivered easy installation with zero interruptions for Floral Arts.

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Fiber to the Curb Vs. Fiber to the Premises

Why would companies utilize FTTC when FTTP is clearly the superior method? It’s simple, and it’s not to deliver a better user experience.

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"Hello" Wins Out Over "Ahoy" Thanks to the Telephone

The word "Hello" became a friendly greeting only after the invention of the telephone in 1876.



Service Level Agreements

How Having An SLA Can Save Your Business Money

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Content Delivery Networks

The benefit of a CDN structure is that the data is able to be delivered much more quickly and efficiently.




Meet Up with Metronet at INCOMPAS 2022!

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Cybersecurity Challenges Faced by Retailers

Retailers are a big target for cyber criminals. Keep yourself safe with some common sense tips.

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(Up)Time is Money

Uptime, or Internet Connectivity, is Absolutely Essential to the Flow of Business.

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Symmetrical Internet

Why don’t more providers offer symmetrical internet if that is what the market demands?

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Industry Solutions

Auto Dealer Solutions

A shopping experience they’ll remember: Metronet Fiber Internet, plus Business Voice, TV and music.

Construction Architects

Industry Solutions

Internet And Phone Plans for Contractors, Architects, Developers

Maintain your stellar reputation, in-office or on the job site with Business Fiber Internet for construction from Metronet.

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Industry Solutions

Stadiums and Venues Connectivity Solutions

Keep Your Staff and Event Guests Connected

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Case Studies

St. Charles Toyota

Family-owned, Metronet-served: An unreliable provider made St. Charles Toyota turn to Metronet for fiber connectivity to two locations.

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Industry Solutions

Manufacturing Industrial Connectivity Solutions

Drive More Manufacturing Quality, Efficiency and Productivity